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UMBA Adopt a Family

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How can I help?

There are two ways:

1. Donate by going to the Amazon list

2. Donate the money to UMBA and we will purchase the items and gift cards. DONATE BELOW

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UMBA Adopt a Family

What is UMBA Adopt a Family?

Adopt a Family is a program where UMBA raise funds for families in the local area who have a real need for a lending hand to make the holiday season joyful.  These families may have had a severe hardship throughout the year such as job loss, abuse, property destruction, health, family loss, homelessness or any other hardship. 

How many families do you 'adopt'?

In 2022 UMBA have selected two families from the local area to support over the holiday period. 

How does it work?
  • Once the families have been selected and verified, the families make out their holiday list for their family members. 

  • These lists are then put onto the Amazon shopping list that UMBA volunteers create from the family requests.

  • The community and UMBA can then purchase these items and they are shipped to UMBA in Washington Crossing to collate.

  • UMBA Volunteers then deliver the items prior to the holidays.

  • UMBA also provides a holiday meal to the family.

Who are you helping this year?

We do not name or photograph the people who we 'adopt', however, this year our two families in our community are:

  • Family A - Is a family of 4 (Father, Mother and two young girls). The family home was completely destroyed by fire on October 31.  The family were lucky to get out of their home but their home and all their possessions have been destroyed.  The father of the family was severely burned over his entire body while rescuing his wife and two young children.  He is recovering in but he will have a very long journey ahead and will not be able to return back to his restaurant job for a while.  We are thinking of him, his wife and two little girls during this holiday season. 

  • Family B  - A Grandmother in the area currently has temporary custody of six grandchildren and is unable to work at the moment. The children work hard in school and are doing their best in a tough situation.

Can I contact someone in UMBA?

If you would like to contact someone at UMBA about this program, email Thank you

How to help
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